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Young Adult Town Hall with Bishop McGrath


All young adults in the Diocese are invited to join us for our Summer Discussion night which will feature our very own Bishop Patrick McGrath. Bishop McGrath has graciously opted not to speak on a specific topic, but rather wants to make himself available to listen and answer questions from young adults. Therefore, we will be presenting this discussion night as a Town Hall style (Q&A) session focused around engaging and ministering to young adults in our diocese. Please come with your questions, concerns and ideas to share with our Bishop. This is the opportunity to make your voice heard and increase the visibility of young adults! We would like to fill the church for this event, so please help us spread the work and invite your young adult friends and colleagues to join us!

Gather/Refreshments: 7pm
Town Hall Meeting with Bishop McGrath: 7:15-8:30pm
Fellowship: 8:30-9pm

Our moderator will be taking questions from the audience as well as reading questions submitted electronically in advance. We will review all the questions received and the moderator will select and sprinkle some of these throughout the evening. You can include your name, young adult group and/or parish affiliation or it can be anonomous, if you prefer. If you would like to submit a question in advance please email it to:

If you can't make the meeting we will be filming it and posting it on our website after the event. 

Please review our standard Discussion Night ground rules. We ask that you show respect to our guest speaker and fellow attendees at all times! 
1. Listen actively and respect others when they are talking. We may not all agree with each other, but we must always show respect for one another. Please refrain from any personal attacks, rather focus on positive ideas and gaining a deeper understanding of the issue or topic. 
2. We would like as many people as possible to have an opportunity to ask a question or make a comment. Therefore, please limit yourself to a single question or comment until all those that would like to participate have had a chance to speak.
3. In the interest of the limited amount of time we have, please keep your question or comment succinct and to the point. Do not ask multi-part questions or eat up time with a rambling monologue.
4. Everyone's ideas and perspectives are valuable, we encourage everyone to participate!

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